Through insightful case studies from decades of experience, Aravind shares a novel strategy to grow your business in the fourth industrial revolution and win in the new age. 

“A profound book built on exceptional experience from its author and his deep academic insights.”


University of Cambridge, UK

“Aravind, in this book, unfolds a breakthrough framework for growth in the new age.”


Ex-VP, Whirlpool, India

“This book a must-read for all -
CXOs, entrepreneurs,
young and old alike.”


Vice President, L&T E&A, India

About the book

How do we design a new-age organisation and make it agile, responsive and resilient to lead in the fourth industrial revolution?

What leadership approach enables leaders to continue to innovate irrespective of the complexities of the situation?

These are some of the many questions that Aravind set out to answer in this book. Distilling the complexities of the modern-day business world into an actionable framework, this book is the breakthrough guide for business leaders and entrepreneurs to build ever-growing, innovative organisations in the face of constant change.


Exploring how Technology and Sustainability are disrupting businesses today, the book provides case studies & valuable strategies to explain how these key factors affect the business world.


With personal anecdotes and true events, the book encapsulates how global shifts in Economy, Geopolitics and Demographics have a profound and far-reaching impact on businesses.


Discussing how to transform and grow your business, the book spells out what strategies, culture and vision to adapt and gives a new outlook on set norms to lead in the new age.


The book tells you how to empower innovative leadership and new talent to break free from bygone methods and rethink business leadership with a triumphant fresh perspective.

Let the journey begin

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Meet the author

Aravind Chinchure

Aravind is a renowned academician, a corporate strategist, and an innovation leader. He is an expert in developing corporate culture for innovation-led growth. He has developed and driven programs to tap new billion-dollar growth opportunities through innovation, investments, and joint ventures to succeed in new and prevalent markets.

Aravind founded QLeap Academy, a new venture focussed on creating the next generation of talent and developing new age organisations that will continuously innovate and lead in a rapidly changing world.

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Praise for the book

The world is changing faster than ever because of innovations in technology, the need for sustainability, and new emerging geopolitics. Every organisation has two choices; either grudgingly accept change or embrace and lead the change. Dr. Chinchure makes a compelling case that embracing the change is an existential issue for organisations going forward. This requires a new organizational design and leadership mindset. I would recommend anyone who wants to lead in the 21st century to read The New Age Organisation, not only to gain insights and examples, but also to pick up actionable ideas on how to do it.

Dr. ‘Desh’ Deshpande Entrepreneur, Investor & Philanthropist, Boston, USA

Disruption is an everyday phenomenon in today’s business world, which forces organisations to upgrade their game to navigate through the changing tides. The New Age Organisation delves into a new world of intelligent machines, climate change crisis, platforms-driven digital economy, changing preferences of new millennials, and re-globalisation. I congratulate Dr. Aravind Chinchure for offering in his book a deeper understanding of a new meta framework of “system-of-systems” and the leadership required for creating sustainable organisations in a rapidly changing world. A must-read for young professionals and potential CEOs of the future.

Dr. Vijay Kelkar Chairman, India Development Foundation, New Delhi, India

Dr. Aravind Chinchure provides a readable and handy compilation of critical issues for managers looking to enhance their role as leaders in the rapidly-changing, highly-disruptive global business environment. He provides vignettes of leaders from across industries, who created innovative, empathetic, entrepreneurial and inclusive organisations, and built interconnected ecosystems, or “systems-of-systems” to develop sustainable competitive advantage. These organisations were challenged from time to time, but their leaders found what worked in their context, as might the readers of The New Age Organisation as they reflect on the anecdotes and cases it provides.

Dr. Sushil Vachani Non-profit and EdTech Advisor, Boston, USA

The New Age Organisation is a profound book built on exceptional experience from its author and his deep academic insights. The book is thoroughly grounded in observations from global trends, such as sustainability and demographic change and sets out to propose a much needed leadership framework to help achieve and maintain sustainable growth. I am sure this important book can inspire current and future leaders, thus help with the transition to more sustainable, equal and inclusive societies.

Dr. Frank Tietze Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, UK

The New Age Organisation is a very absorbing and insightful book. It set me thinking on so many aspects of organisations and leadership that drives change. Reading this book gave me an insight into four generations, from baby boomers to Gen X, Y, Z, and associated human, sociological and business leadership aspects that impacted the times. Skilfully navigating through these generations, Aravind weaved a very fresh, boundary-less appreciation of organisations that adopted emerging technologies and business models to ride through the waves of change not just to stay afloat but to carve out blue oceans.

A Naveen Kumar Vice President & Head - Corporate Centre • L&T Electrical & Automation, Mumbai, India

The New Age Organization offers a playbook for organisations to build purpose-driven entrepreneurial organisations with un-bossed, inclusive, empathetic leadership culture to create sustainable growth. The author’s firsthand narration and experiences help the reader to appreciate the challenges and opportunities of the new-age business. A must-read for all who care about the future.

Amar Deep S. Hari Co-founder and CEO, IPMC, Ghana & Canada

Aravind, in this book, unfolds a breakthrough framework for growth in the new age: the age of digital economy, nomadic Gen-Z and an aspiring Third World. This masterpiece aptly brings forth the need for changes in business models, societal obligations and leadership styles. A gifted storyteller, Aravind convincingly argues that the status quo is negative growth and continuous innovation is the only antidote to market disruption.

Anand Joshi Former Vice President - Global Technology & Engineering Center, Whirlpool Corporation, Pune, India

In the era we live in, constant innovation is the only measure against constant disruption is the core theme of this book. Through research, experiences and anecdotes, Dr Chinchure shares stories of institutions (corporates and startups) and individuals, some of whom failed and some of whom succeeded. The lucid storytelling format makes it an engaging read. This is a book that must be read by the leadership in both, corporate houses as well as small and medium firms.

Mr. Prashant Girbane Director General - Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), Pune, India

The New Age Organisation is perfect for today’s best and worst times, where global shifts in technology and sustainability affect every business. Aravind’s vast experience in various roles in global organisations brings a holistic perspective on how organisations and leaders need to adapt to the changing world. This book helps set the tone for tomorrow’s leaders and businesses with an actionable framework. A must read!

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari Chief Operating Officer - Fluid Controls Private Limited, Mumbai, India